Blu-ray Review: THE DEVIL'S CANDY Continues to Rock

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Blu-ray Review: THE DEVIL'S CANDY Continues to Rock

Out today on Blu-ray and DVD from Scream Factory, The Devil's Candy, is Sean Byrne's hard-rocking horror flick. You may have seen that we've given a lot of support to this film, and that's simply because it's awesome. You can read Todd's review here and my own interview with Byrne here, among our other coverage.

Because of these previous articles, there's not a whole lot more to be said on the film, I'll mention the basics: Ethan Embry (Cheap Thrills, Fashionista) stars as Jesse, a struggling painter and heavy metal-loving dad who's trying to support his family. He gets an opportunity to do just that, but at what cost? As it turns out, the stakes are high, there's a Faustian deal in the mix, and then there's a seriously damaged guy named Ray (Pruitt Taylor Vince) who used to live in Jesse's home, and wants back in --- or there'll be Hell to pay.

A quick aside: The Devil's Candy soundtrack is righteous, and features heavy tunes from such greats as Metallica, Slayer, Pantera, and Sunn O))). If you love both metal and horror, The Devil's Candy is gonna be your jam. 

Now, let's talk about the Blu-ray release. The picture looks great, and everything sounds just as good. There are a few cool bonus features that fans will love, such as:

  • Commentary with Director Sean Byrne
  • A Featurette on the Visual Effects 
  • Advantage Satan Short Film
  • A Music Video
  • Art Gallery
  • Theatrical Trailer

I really enjoyed seeing how the visual effects --- namely the fire effects --- were done. While there is an art gallery, I would have loved to have seen a featurette on Stephen Kasner, the artist whose dark work is prominently shown in the film. His paintings are stand-ins for Jesse's, and it would've been amazing to have seen how he works, or even have known just a bit more about them. Interviews with the cast would have been great, too.

These feel like missed opportunities for bonus features. I did enjoy Byrne's Advantage Satan short film, however. Otherwise, it's a solid release. While I did not have time to listen to Byrne's commentary, I'm sure there'll be some interesting things to listen to there.

All in all, this is a solid release. You can find out more about The Devil's Candy here, and watch the trailer for the film below. Rock on!

The Devil's Candy

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  • Sean Byrne
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