THE DEVIL'S CANDY Whets Our Appetite With Sizzling First Trailer

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THE DEVIL'S CANDY Whets Our Appetite With Sizzling First Trailer

After an excruciatingly long wait, the first trailer for Sean Byrne’s sophomore effort finally arrives. Lo and behold: The Devil’s Candy, a knowing homage to the Satanic thrillers of the eighties that sparked buzz when it premiered in Toronto’s Midnight Madness (2015) before taking the world by storm on a seemingly never-ending festival tour that lasted all throughout 2016.

The Devil’s Candy, a carefully-plotted thrill ride that packs a rich color palette, a pulsating heavy metal soundtrack and plenty of strong performances, introduces audiences to Jesse Hellman (Ethan Embry), a painter who gets by on commissions. Not long after he moves his family into a beautiful house tucked away in the Texan countryside Jesse starts painting as if possessed.

His increasingly bleak and disturbing artworks draw the attention of a gallery owner, but his family’s fortune takes a turn for the worse as the devil’s disciple descends upon the happy home.

Does Byrne’s follow-up to The Loved Ones live up to the hype? Check the trailer below and judge for yourself on March 17 when The Devil’s Candy hits select theatres and becomes available on various Video On Demand platforms.

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