Temporarily Streaming For Free: XANGADIX LIVES!

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Temporarily Streaming For Free: XANGADIX LIVES!
Several distribution companies try to help making self-isolation somewhat more bearable in the coming weeks by streaming titles for free. Today a new title got added, and it's such a fun one that I want to point it out here: the 50-minute documentary Xangadix Lives!, about a bizarre Dutch horror film from 1992 called The Johnsons.

xangadix-lives-poster.jpgIn The Johnsons, a sabotaged in-vitro fertilization experiment results in the birth of a litter of psychotic septuplets. After a killing spree in the orphanage they live in, the boys are locked in an asylum.

But when their youngest sister hits puberty, the now adult boys escape their prison and start to hunt for her. Why? Because a South American prophesy states that if they manage to impregnate her, she will birth the god-monster Xangadix, who will then devour the world. The girl, her mother and a cultural anthropologist need to take up arms to save themselves (and indeed THE WORLD) from... The Johnsons!

Part slasher, part creature feature, and all weird, The Johnsons was a bizarre entry in Dutch film history. For its 25th birthday, short film directors Bram Roza and Yfke van Berckelaer (of Lili fame) decided to make a documentary about how this film came to be. They interviewed everyone involved and discovered some pretty incredible stories, not just about how the film got itself made, but also about what The Johnsons originally was supposed to be.

I won't spoil it all, but rest assured their documentary Xangadix Lives! is often laugh-out-loud funny, whether you know anything about its subject or not. In my review back in 2017, I stated:
"Do check this out if you have the chance. If you have even the slightest interest in genre cinema, this documentary will bring a big smile to your face."
True words.
And what's better: now you have that chance! Xangadix Lives! will be available until the 30th of April, for free, and with English subtitles where necessary.

It's short, it's sweet, you can find the link here on Vimeo, so have fun with it while you can!

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