RENDEL: Watch The Full Trailer For Finnish Superhero Movie

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RENDEL: Watch The Full Trailer For Finnish Superhero Movie

It was right around this time last year that word surfaced on Finnish superhero film Rendel, a vigilante style masked hero picture based on the original creation of Jesse Haaja. The basics here are fairly familiar - vigilante in mask and suit battles criminal underworld - but the quality of the original stills and teaser certainly captured the attention and they're back now with a full trailer.

They clearly don't have a Marvel / DC budget to work with here but that's fine because they're clearly not trying to make a Marvel / DC film and their resources are very well used, with strong production values. Language used is a mixture of Finnish and English and, yep, the keen eyes will spot Wyrmwood star Bianca Brady in there. Check it out below!

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StuMay 15, 2017 11:55 AM


"What the hell is RENDEL?"

"Maybe they are in the wrong order."

cjohnstonMay 18, 2017 2:05 PM

...looks - potentially cool.
*saw Guardians some time ago --- -- Stupid. Dumb. Plot-Holes to make Swiss Cheese quake in it's packaging..
.but i Dug it..