First Look At Aik Karapetian's FIRSTBORN

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It was back in 2014 that Latvian director Aik Karapetian first came to our attention with the much lauded thriller The Man In The Orange Jacket. For many this was the first time they'd ever had a chance to see any Latvian film and Karapetian made one hell of an impression with his taut, meticulous work. And he's back now with a new thriller in post-production, Firstborn.

A middle-aged intellectual commits an act of unintentional homicide whilst trying to regain his dignity in the eyes of his wife, but soon after it occurs to him there is a strange connection between the victim, the sudden pregnancy of his wife and the mysterious blackmailer, who tries to force him to commit yet another awful thing.

We've got the first stills from the film below with rumblings that a trailer is coming soon. Check them out and remember you can click to enlarge!

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