XX: Watch Two Clips From The Female Driven Horror Anthology

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XX: Watch Two Clips From The Female Driven Horror Anthology

XX, the all-female helmed horror anthology opens in cinemas across the U.S. and up here in Toronto this Friday (got my ticket for opening night)! Two clips were released today and they are below for your viewing pleasure. 

The first clip is from Karyn Kusama's chapter Her Only Living Son. Touted for being the most suspensful of the bunch by our own Ryland Aldrich when he caught the film at Sundance he said, "Kusama again gets to show off her suspense skills when a mother (played by Christina Kirk) tries to unravel the truth about why her son (Kyle Allen) begins to act more and more violent as he approaches his 18th birthday". For fans of her last film The Invitation this looks to be more of that terrfic slow burn terror. 

The second clip is from Roxanne Benjamin's chapter Don't Fall. The action revs a bit in this clip and goes straight for the scares as Angela Trimbur and Morgan Krantz are trapped inside their caravan. Aldrich wrote in his review, "Benjamin did some great work in her segment of horror anthology Southbound, and her latest continues her hot streak. It features great performances by Breeda Wool, Angela Trimbur, Casey Adams, and Morgan Krantz plus some awesome creature effects. It also has what is definitely the best jump scare of the film". 


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