IN THIS CORNER OF THE WORLD Trailer: Katabuchi Sunao's Animated, Wartime Tale

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IN THIS CORNER OF THE WORLD Trailer: Katabuchi Sunao's Animated, Wartime Tale

After debuting in its native Japan last November, Katabuchi Sunao's In This Corner of the World (Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni) is heading for release in Hong Kong on March 30, and so we have a trailer to gaze upon.

The film, which Shout! Factory plans to release theatrically in the U.S. and Canada sometime this summer, per Deadline, is based on a manga by Kouno Fumiyo about a young woman who moves to ... Hiroshima ... in 1944.

We all know what happened there the following year. The gauzy trailer is filled with wispy colors and strong emotions for a story that's billed as "inspirational" and "poignant."

In his review, Mark Schilling of The Japan Times wrote in part: "Katabuchi is at heart a humanist, not a propagandist. His characters express guilt, bitterness and other morale-lowering, if true-to-life, feelings that would soon have a censor of the era reaching for his red pencil."

Katabuchi's past credits include Black Lagoon, an action-adventure anime series that I quite enjoyed a few years ago, but this, obviously, is quite a different experience.

Watch the trailer below.

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