AMERICAN FABLE Trailer Dreams Up an Unsettling Rural Fantasy

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AMERICAN FABLE Trailer Dreams Up an Unsettling Rural Fantasy

If a dark fairy tale rooted in reality sounds right up your alley, you may want to check out writer-director Anne Hamilton’s debut film. Set during the farm crisis that plagued many American families in the 1980s, American Fable finds an 11-year-old girl intermingling the bleak prospects of daily life with a fantastical realm.

It’s certainly not just another day at the farm when Gitty (Peyton Kennedy) comes across an unknown man trapped in her family’s silo, while out in the distance she espies a horned horseback rider stalking the lands.

Following its SXSW world premiere in March 2016, American Fable has drawn favorable comparisons to the early works of Stephen King and the surrealist fantasy of Guillermo del Toro’s wondrously allegorical Pan’s Labyrinth.

Watch the trailer below to enjoy a brimming sense of mystery wrapped in stark visuals.

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