KODOKU: MEATBALL MACHINE Watch The Trailer For Yoshihiro's New Splatterfest

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KODOKU: MEATBALL MACHINE Watch The Trailer For Yoshihiro's New Splatterfest
If fans of JSplatter director Nishimura Yoshihiro have been pining for a healthy dose of blood, gore and extreme violence it looks like the wait is over.
Sure to be hitting the festival circuit in 2017 he brings us Kodoku: Meatball Machine! The cult director is back with a sequel to 2005's Meatball Machine and there is a poster and NSFA (Not Safe For Anyone/Anyplace/Anyone) trailer to share with you! 
Nishi-Eizo, the Tokyo-based film production and special effects company from Yoshihiro Nishimura, is proud to reveal the poster and trailer for the upcoming gorefest KODOKU: MEATBALL MACHINE, which Nishi-Eizo has produced alongside King Records and Ark Entertainment Inc. The insane, hyperviolent new feature film was written, directed, edited, and had all of its special effects created by the legendary Nishimura, whose previous credits include TOKYO GORE POLICE, HELLDRIVER, THE ABCs OF DEATH, and the recent festival favorite NINJA WAR OF TORAKAGE.
KODOKU: MEATBALL MACHINE is the splatter-filled sequel to Yudai Yamaguchi and Jun'ichi Yamamoto's MEATBALL MACHINE, which Nishimura created the original special effects for back in 2005. The twisted story, which melds cyberpunk sci-fi, fantasy, extreme gore, and comedy, carries on in Nishimura's latest blood-drenched riot, which will be released in 2017.
KODOKU: MEATBALL MACHINE stars Eihi Shiina (AUDITION), Takumi Saitô (13 ASSASSINS), Ami Tomite (TAG), Maki Mizui (TOKYO GORE POLICE), and Yôji Tanaka (KILL BILL VOL. 1).
So, what can you expect in this trailer? Consider the following mix of delights. 
Nipple guns.
Copious amounts of blood and gore, as is the norm in a Nishimura film.
Tremendous prosthetic work. Golly. 
Cult actors Shiina Eihi and Tanaka Yôji.
A topless woman riding a grotesque creature. We're picking up on a theme here. 
A nod to Akira perhaps at the end? 
Enjoy at the venue of your choosing. Do not say we didn't warn you! 
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