Sono's SHINJUKU SWAN 2 Teased

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Sono's SHINJUKU SWAN 2 Teased

In the midst of Sono Sion's rather manic 2015 - in which the maverick director had a whopping six feature films in theatrical release - his adaptation of Wakui Ken's Shinjuku Swan manga stood as the biggest and most commercial of the lot. Though it didn't have the sort of festival success his other pictures had in that year, Shinjuku Swan was his big commercial success for that year and he's coming back with more.

Due for release in 2017, Shinjuku Swan 2 brings back the original cast to continue the story of a young man working on the fringes of the Japanese sex trade. And while htere appears to be little said about the plot line of this new effort just yet the first teaser has just arrived. Check it out below.

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