Venice 2016: Watch New THE BLEEDER Clip - 'Freckles on Your Ass'

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Venice 2016: Watch New THE BLEEDER Clip - 'Freckles on Your Ass'

The air is t'ick with accents in a new, NSFW clip from Venice-bound The Bleeder, but things quickly get deadly serious when the wife sits down.

The movie revolves around Chuck Wepner, a professional boxer whose biggest claim to fame was his intense fight against Muhammad Ali in 1975, though the clip takes place in a diner, where Chuck is flirting with a woman, only to have his wife sit down and break the mood in dramatic fashion.

Here's the official synopsis:

The Bleeder, a film by Philippe Falardeau, is the true-life story of Chuck Wepner (Leiv Schreiber), a liquor salesman from New Jersey, who went 15 rounds in the stunning 1975 heavyweight world championship against the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali.

In his ten years as a boxer, Wepner endured eight broken noses, 14 losses, two knockouts, a total of 313 stitches, and ultimately inspired the billion-dollar Rocky franchise. But his toughest fights were outside the ring - living an epic life of booze, drugs, wild women, incredible highs and extraordinary lows.

It's a great clip, dominated by Elisabeth Moss, and you can watch it below. The Bleeder will debut at the Venice International Film Festival before screening at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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