MORGAN Trailer: Familiar Thriller Territory, And Yet...

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MORGAN Trailer: Familiar Thriller Territory, And Yet...

Every fiber of my being wants to resist Morgan.

It looks so familiar: an isolated facility, a scientific experiment that goes wrong, man tampering with things he ought not. But then the actors show up: Kate Mara, Toby Jones, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Rose Leslie, and Paul Giamatti acting all snarly and nasty. And the dark, swirling mood kicks in...

By the time the countdown begins, sounding like nothing more than a rip-off of Alien, it really should be too much. But the director is Luke Scott, son of Ridley Scott, and maybe some of those genes are what's kicking in and making me want to watch a familiar genre thriller to see if it can bring something new and unexpected to the formula.

We shall see when the movie releases on September 2. In the meantime, the trailer is below for your consideration.

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