Exclusive PHANTOM OF THE THEATRE Clip: Mirrors Can Be Spooky

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Exclusive PHANTOM OF THE THEATRE Clip: Mirrors Can Be Spooky

Creepy! Our exclusive clip from Phantom of the Theatre reminds me of Nietzsche's witticism: "If you gaze long enough into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you." Or, perhaps more to the point, the warning in Candyman about looking into a mirror and saying his name five time.

The scene features a woman staring into a mirror, and then not liking what she sees. Here's the official synopsis for the movie:

A haunted theatre, filled with the vengeful spirits of a tragically-trapped performance troupe murdered in a fire 13 years ago, waits for the once-grand palatial playhouse to re-open with a new show...and bring in new victims. From director Raymond Yip (Iceman, The Warlords) the team that thrilled audiences with The House That Never Dies brings a new, harrowing chronicle of horror to life (and perhaps death). Starring Ruby Lin, Simon Yam, and Tony Yang.

Phantom of the Theatre opens on Friday, May 6 at select theaters in the U.S. via Well Go USA. Visit their official site for cities and theater listings.

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