ROGUE ONE Trailer Arrives And Fully Delivers On Expectations

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ROGUE ONE Trailer Arrives And Fully Delivers On Expectations

Let the debate begin in earnest on the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, for the first full trailer for the Gareth Edwards helmed spin off film has arrived. And, to these eyes, the idea of unshackling new directors from Star Wars canon and allowing them to fuse elements of other genres into the Star Wars universe is looking prety damn brilliant right now.

A heist film telling the tale of how the Rebellion laid hands on the Death Star plans in the first place? Yes, please. Donnie Yen cutting loose and laying waste on a grander scale then he's ever been part of before? Doubly yes, please. And while I'm sure mileage will vary from viewer to viewer - and I'd love to hear what stands out to others - the biggest pleasant surprise of all was just how damn well Forest Whitaker fits in to thing here and really dominates the back half of the trailer.

But enough of that. Check out the trailer below, tells us what you think of star Felicity Jones and anything else that stands out.

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