Meet The Whole Team In New Trailer For Russian Superhero Flick GUARDIANS

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Meet The Whole Team In New Trailer For Russian Superhero Flick GUARDIANS

We've been keeping an eye on Russian superhero flick Guardians for a little while around here, the curiosity of what Russian talent would do with this incredibly American concept leveled up to open excitement when the first proper footage of one of the heroes in action - a blade weilding speedster - showed that they can handle the material just fine, thanks.

That blade footage remains quite prominent in the latest trailer for the film but also now in the mix for the first time is the rest of the team in action. We've got a woman who turns to water. A man who turns to - and levitates - rock. And what appears to be a badass were-bear. Also, lots of tanks, soldiers and destruction.

Check out the trailer below!

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cjohnstonApril 18, 2016 6:41 PM

..Looks Promising.

...while not a shoe-in, given that it's from across the seas; - i'm willing to wager (and Hope) it'll be a notch or two Above the likes of x-men and (some of) the other superhero-esque stuff presently out there.

...p.s. Here's a Bat-**** crazy clip for this too, for those interested.
Watching it; i'm thinking Matrix redux a little Returner, just a pinch of The Good The Bad The Weird.

(I Hope you don't mind this, Todd.??) ...i do not wish, or mean to steal thunder..
...this DOES look pretty WACKO Good and Promising though.!(!).

Jerry Sk├ÂldApril 19, 2016 3:22 AM

The traditional Russian elements is, apparently: water, earth, swords and FUCKING MACHINEGUN BEARS.