Julia Ducournau's RAW Brings Some Edge To Critic's Week Lineup

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Julia Ducournau's RAW Brings Some Edge To Critic's Week Lineup

Following closely on the heels of last week's announcement of the main selection the Critic's Week sidebar in Cannes have announced their full lineup of films. And while the first-and-second time focused sidebar is mostly known for highlighting the most promising arthouse efforts from around the globe they're not shy about throwing in some edgy material as well and based on the premise and poster it would appear that the Critic's Week pick for genre fans to keep and eye on this year will be Julia Ducournau's Raw.

Everyone in Justine's family is a vet. And a vegetarian. At 16, she’s a brilliant and promising student. When she starts at veterinary school, she enters a decadent, merciless and dangerously seductive world. During the first week of hazing rituals, desperate to fit in whatever the cost, she strays from her family principles when she eats raw meat for the first time. Justine will soon face the terrible and unexpected consequences of her actions when her true self begins to emerge…

Also included this year are a Chloe Sevigny helmed short film, Kitty, amonggst its strongly European dominated lineup. Check out the complete feature selection below!



OPENER: “In Bed with Victoria” (Justine Triet, France). Second film.

“Happy Times Will Come Soon” (Alessandro Comodin, Italy). First film.

“Apnee” (Jean-Christophe Meurisse, Turkey). First film.


“Album” (Mehmet Can Mertoglu, Turkey). First film.

“Diamond Island” (Davy Chou, Cambodia-France). Second film.

“Raw” (Julia Ducournau, France). First film

“Mimosas” (Oliver Laxe, Spain). Second film.

“One Week and a Day” (Asaph Polonsky, Israel). First film.

“Tramontane” (Vatche Boulghourjian, Lebanon). First film.

“A Yellow Bird” (K. Rajagopal, Singapore). First film.


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