Rachel Taylor and Robbie Amell Will Thrill in Netflix's ARQ

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Rachel Taylor and Robbie Amell Will Thrill in Netflix's ARQ
Rachel Taylor (Jessica Jones, Gold) and Robbie Amell (Flash, The Babysitter) will star in the new Netflix sci-fi thriller ARQ, per The Hollywood Reporter earlier today. Just as exciting is that the acclaimed writer of Orphan Black, Tony Elliott, will be scripting. XYZ Films and Lost City will produce the film.

Here's the synopsis from THR:

ARQ is a post-apocalyptic thriller set in the near future when the oil supply has run dry. Trapped in a house and surrounded by a gang of mysterious masked intruders, an engineer (Amell) must protect a technology that could deliver unlimited energy and end the wars that have consumed the world. The only problem is that the technology has created a time loop that condemns him and his friends all to relive the same day over and over.

Besides the time loop plot device, this is something that could theoretically happen, as the world is addicted to oil, a finite resource. I hope the cast and crew have geared up with good boots and puff coats; filming is slated to begin this winter in Toronto.

Will you be watching?

Disclosure: ScreenAnarchy head honcho Todd Brown is the Head of International Acquisitions at XYZ Films.

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