First STAR TREK BEYOND Trailer Is An Odd - But Fun - Blend Of Influences

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First STAR TREK BEYOND Trailer Is An Odd - But Fun - Blend Of Influences
Right. I think it's safe to say that where Star Trek is concerned the time has come to pretty much throw expectations aside as far as how the Trek universe is supposed to behave and just kind of roll with it. Because after spending quite a lot of the first two movies of the JJ Abrams Trek era trying very hard to update while also keeping the old guard on board it now appears as though the guiding principal basically boils down to, "Screw it. the original series was, more than anything else, a goofy adventure show. Let's have a goofy adventure."

Abrams steps into a producing role with Star Trek Beyond with Fast And Furious director Justin Lin taking over directing duties and both influences are obvious with Lin pretty much immediately sticking Kirk on the back of a motorbike. Because, as noted above, 'goofy adventure'. This is not to say things are entirely ignoring the past here as one scene in particular is the most obvious - and best executed - nod both to the production design and Spock / McCoy banter of the original show I've yet to see attempted since.

Notably absent from this first trailer: No Idris Elba or The Raid star Joe Taslim, both of whom are very much in the film and both of whom have thus far had their character names withheld from the IMDB to prevent spoilers. So, what say you, Trek faithful? Are you excited or annoyed? And, given what you're seeing here do you think the character names are being withheld because what we're looking at is a callback to a classic character? Check out the trailer below.
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