Ryoo Seung-wan Plots WWII Escape Drama In SKYFALL Lair

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Ryoo Seung-wan Plots WWII Escape Drama In SKYFALL Lair
Now that Veteran is firmly planted in the record books, with the third best haul for a Korean film of all time (13.4 million admissions), director Ryoo Seung-wan is ready to get going on his next feature. There's been talk of sequels to Veteran and The Berlin File, but the action maestro's next project will be Battleship Island (Gunhamdo).

Set on Hashima Island (Silva's lair in Skyfall), Ryoo's next project will tell the story of Korean laborers forced to work for the Japanese military during World War II who plan to escape the titular island.

Pre-production is about to get underway and filming is expected to take place next summer. Though no names are officially attached, some news sources are saying that Veteran star Hwang Jung-min may team up with the director again. 

Speaking to Screen Daily, Ryoo's producer and partner Kang Hye-jung mentioned that "director Ryoo has declared it has to be completely different from Veteran, so I'm really looking forward to seeing how it turns out," adding that "it's about history so it will be earnest, but he won't make it heavy."
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