Crowdfund This! Disaster Strikes Sweden In THE UNTHINKABLE!

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Crowdfund This! Disaster Strikes Sweden In THE UNTHINKABLE!
The creators of Swedish disaster film The Unthinkable don't actually need your help any more. That's because they've more than doubled their total crowd funding goal in less than a week on the back of a fabulous original pilot they shot for the project that promises something of very high quality indeed.

Alex and Anna, 16 years old, meets and falls in love. But when Alex family collapses the young couple are forced to go their separate ways. Twelve years later, Sweden is attacked by an unknown enemy and Alex and Anna's paths cross once again. While the world around them falls apart, old feelings arises and Alex must fight to regain the love of his life.
The filmmakers here are blending practical and CGI effects - including rather a lot of miniature work - and while they've already raised the funds needed for their core group of miniature builds they've all promised that any additional funds raised will go towards creating MORE. More miniatures. More crashes. More explosions. Basically they intend to pack every last bit of disaster humanly possible into their disaster film. So check out the pilot / proof of concept below and support the funding campaign here.

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