Things Get Bloody At The MIDNIGHT SHOW

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Things Get Bloody At The MIDNIGHT SHOW
Though you likely don't know the name of Indonesia's Ginanti Rona there's a more than passing chance you've seen some of her work if you're at all a regular around these parts. For Rona, you see, has been a long time assistant director to The Mo Brothers and Gareth Evans, filling that role on The Raid movies, Killers, Macabre and the Evans / Tjahjanto co-directed segment of VHS. And she's striking out on her own now with directorial effort Midnight Show.

What promises to be an intense slasher, Midnight Show tells the story of a theater hosting a late night screening of a shocking true crime based film with - or so it appears - the subject of said film in the audience. And he's not at all happy with what he's seeing, the people there viewing his story as entertainment, or the theater staff turning a profit from his tale. Cue the knives.

Acha Septriasa, Gandhi Fernando, Ratu Felisha, and Ganindra Bimo star. Check out the English subtitled trailer below.
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