Kim Ki-duk Gets $24 Million for Chinese War Film WHO IS GOD

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Kim Ki-duk Gets $24 Million for Chinese War Film WHO IS GOD
And now for something completely different. Maverick Korean auteur Kim Kim-duk is hopping over to China for his next project, and after years of working on microbudgets and failing to crack his own country's commercial realm, he's getting a supersized $24 million budget (+$6 million in P&A) to do it. The project is a war film with the tentative title Who Is God.

After 21 films and a slew of international festival awards, including the Golden Lion from the Venice International Film Festival for Pieta (2012), Kim is one of the most well-known Korean filmmakers, but until now, he has strictly confined himself to the independent realm. Beyond the title, the only thing known about Who Is God is that it will focus on buddhism and in his own words -- spoken during an interview with the Associated Press at the Busan International Film Festival -- will be "about how politics manipulate religion."

In a creative rut after the poor reception of his last two films, One on One and Stop, Kim is looking for a comeback, and China's ever-expanding market may be the place to stage it, but that's a lot of money for a director known for his gritty and often messy films. I'm not sure if it's a bold investment or a bad one, but I'm certainly very curious to see how it turns out.
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