Trailer: In SAVING MR. WU Andy Lau Is Going To Die

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Trailer: In SAVING MR. WU Andy Lau Is Going To Die
Ding Sheng, director of Little Big Soldier and the lacklutre yet highly lucrative Police Story 2013 (aka Police Story: Lockdown in the US), trades Jackie Chan for Andy Lau in Saving Mr. Wu, a high-stakes hostage thriller based on real events that went down in Beijing. 

Wealthy Mr. Wu (Andy Lau) is targeted by a gang of phoney cops and before he knows what is going on he has been kidnapped. Liu Ye is the legit copper looking to save the day, while Wang Qianyuan is chief bad guy. Lam Suet and Wu Ruofu also appear.

Here's the official synopsis:

Mr. Wu (played by acclaimed film star Andy Lau) is kidnapped in Beijing by Zhang Hua (Wang Qianyuan) and three accomplices, all disguised as cops and demanding a ransom of 3 million RMB. In the ensuing 20 hours, the Chinese detectives led by Chief Xing (Liu Ye) quickly form a task force and sweep the city. Time is of the essence though as Mr. Wu is ordered to be killed at 9pm regardless of whether the money is collected or not. The police eventually apprehend Hua alone and a dangerous mental showdown develops between police interrogators and Hua. As the deadline rapidly approaches, the detectives and captors collide in a dramatic battle and showdown that leaves the audience on the edge of their seats.

The trailer below promises plenty of action to go with the mind games, but you can put money on there being some pretty serious moralising going on in this one, with plenty of hard-earned lessons coming to those what deserve it. If Ding gets the balance right this time, it could be fun.

Saving Mr. Wu hits cinemas in Hong Kong on 8 October.
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