IP MAN 3: New Images Of Donnie Yen, Mike Tyson, But No CGI Bruce Lee Yet

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New character images have surfaced from Wilson Yip and Donnie Yen's inevitable third collaboration, Ip Man 3, which will pit the wing chun master against an American property developer, portrayed by former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, as well as finally focus on his relationship with his greatest pupil, Bruce Lee.

After failing to find an actor worthy enough to portray Lee onscreen, the film's producers Pegasus Motion Pictures have taken the rather ballsy step of creating a completely CGI version of the iconic martial artist to appear alongside Yen. This move has been challenged by Bruce Lee Enterprises, but producers insist that Lee's brother Robert - a consultant on the film - owns the star's intellectual property rights. As yet, however, we are still waiting to see an image of the all new CG Lee.

Ip Man 3, which also features rising star Max Zhang (The Grandmaster, SPL 2) is currently set for release in Hong Kong on 25 December 2015.
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