In New SICARIO Clip, Tension Rises At The Border

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In New SICARIO Clip, Tension Rises At The Border
Tensions are rising all over the world. Europe is facing major challenges in dealing with migrants fleeing horrible situations. Here in the U.S., politicians are stirring the pot on the immigration issue. And in a new clip from Sicario, an elite government task force, led by shady consultant Benicio Del Toro, is ready to deal with things on a first-hand basis. 

The setup is that Emily Blunt is a star FBI agent who joins the elite government team at the behest of an official (Josh Brolin), with the goal of taking down a powerful drug cartel in Mexico. They're heading across the border when a weapon is spotted in the hands of a cartel member, leading to a stand-off that looks like a powderkeg about to explode.

Denis Villeneuve directed; Roger Deakins photographed. The movie opens in select theaters in North America on September 18 before going wide on October 2. 
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