THE MUSK: First Teaser For US/Italy Slasher Gets The Music Right

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THE MUSK: First Teaser For US/Italy Slasher Gets The Music Right
The first teaser for The Musk dresses it up as a sci-fi picture from the 1950s, and adorns it with lovely, atmospheric synthesizer music, which may be the best way to sell a slasher movie about a mutant killer who dresses up as a scarecrow. 

Earlier this month, our own Michele "izzy" Galgana shared several exclusive stills from the movie, which is aiming for release later in the year. The story evidently starts with a meteorite that crashes on Earth, which transforms a hapless (?) fellow into a mutant with a crazy blood lust. Thus, the killing and, we're assuming, the screaming. 

It's hard to get a read on the intended tone of the movie from the teaser; the titles suggest a campy approach, while the footage resembles a suspenseful faux-doc style with a squishy-looking mutant head on top of someone's body. In any event, I always root for low-budget slasher movies that acknowledge the importance of 1950s sci-fi movies. 

George Nevada directed. You can watch the teaser below. 
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