Exclusive Stills From US-Italy Slasher THE MUSK

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The son of Italian farmers, one of which was Italian actor Tony Di Mitri, director George Nevada grew up in the US. When he's not helming his Boston restaurant, he's making films in Italy, such as the forthcoming slasher The Musk, due out this winter Nevada's teamed up with assistant director and executive producer Domiziano Cristopharo (Pieces of Eldritch, The Transparent Woman, P.O.E.) to attempt to create a new horror franchise. With Italian veteran genre filmmaker Cristopharo involved, I wouldn't be surprised if the film took a Lovecraftian twist.

According to the press release, the death of Nevada's father prompted him to make and dedicate The Musk to his father, "a slasher film that recalls old Italian cinema." The film's villain, Tony Maio, "turns into a fierce mutant because of a meteorite impact on Earth. Disguised as a scarecrow in order to hide his appearance, he starts to kill people to satisfy his blood lust." Scarecrows can be, well, pretty scary. Just look toward Cillian Murphy's The Dark Night Scarecrow.

We've got the teaser poster, as well as the exclusive stills from the film below: what do you think? If you're curious to see more, check out the film's website.
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