O-TOWN: Watch The Teaser For Nigerian Gangster Film

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O-TOWN: Watch The Teaser For Nigerian Gangster Film
We first came across Nigerian helmer CJ 'Fiery' Obasi last year with his feature film Ojuju. A low budget zombie tale set in the shanty towns of his native land, Ojuju bucked the odds to pick up awards at home and travel on teh festival circuit abroad - recently playing at Montreal's Fantasia - and Obasi will soon be back with follow up effort, O-Town.

The story of a small town as told from a mysterious filmmaker's point of view. O-town is the town of his birth, and Peace, a two-bit hustler is at the center of all that has gone wrong with the town. The mysterious filmmaker has a near omnipresent overview of the pimps, the scam artists, and the drug dealers as they ravage the moral backbone of a town wholly subjugated by a sadistic and suavely mannered gangster, simply known as The Chairman... but not for much longer.
A first, very brief, teaser for the film turned up back in May and has now been followed up by a new effort which shows off some more of the characters and setting while still remaining very much a tease. Despite working on very low budgets in very difficult conditions, Ojuju proved that Obasi is a legitimate talent and we're very curious to see how this latest effort turns out. Check the new teaser below!
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