ONE & TWO Trailer Boldly Declares Its Mysteries

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ONE & TWO Trailer Boldly Declares Its Mysteries
Hmm. As much as I enjoyed watching One & Two when I saw it at SXSW in March, writing the review -- without revealing the film's mysteries -- was quite challenging. And now IFC Midnight has solved that dilemma with the very first shot of a new trailer!

Kiernan Shipka (TV's Mad Men) and Timothee Chalamet (Interstellar) star as siblings who live in wooded isolation with their parents, played by Grant Bowler and Elizabeth Reaser. Why are they living away from other people? What makes their father so tense? 

The trailer goes a long way toward answering those questions. I'm happy not to have had that information before I watched the movie, but if you want more information than I was willing to give in my review, the trailer will (hopefully) make you sufficiently intrigued to seek the movie out when it opens in theaters and via digital and Video On Demand platforms on August 14. 

I will add that, as much plot as I believe the trailer gives away, it only hints at the mood and atmosphere that director Andrew Droz Palermo has created, which is what really sold me on the movie, along with the ace performances. As I concluded back in March: 

Burbling slowly, One & Two is too dissolute to be immediately compelling, but it exerts a steadily increasing force as it examines the characters and the challenges they face, without spelling everything out. Mysterious winds push and pull at the narrative surface, eventually revealing enough to be quite a fascinating story.

One & Two contains certain elements that are best appreciated as a surprise, so I'll leave it at that, except to note that it's a very flavorful, tender movie that feels emotionally rich and strange, and still lingers in my brain.

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