Frontières 2015: Takeaways From This Year's Pitch Sessions

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There were a lot of great ideas presented at this year's Pitch Sessions during the opening day of the Frontières International Co-Production Market. It was a full morning of nineteen presentations from filmmakers both local and international. Unfortunately for Serbian filmmaker Srdjan Spasojevic (A Serbian Film) he had visa issues and could not complete his trip to Montreal to present his project Whereout

Every filmmaker or producer had eight minutes to present their project and hook the many industry professionals in the room that morning. Some of the aspirations are lofty and some are meager. One of the projects, El Gigante, already made progress the following day, as we reported before the weekend.

These are some of the projects that caught my attention that morning. 

On the home front here in Quebec some familiar faces are pitching new projects.

Completing a cycle that started at the first Frontieres Market, the gang behind Turbo Kid presented a new project called Elora’s Death Wish. The film would be a feature length adaptation of their 2007 short film Total Fury. It would be a revenge movie/80s action movie. It would combine RKSS’ obsession with 80s action film and movies like Leon The Professional or Commando.

Discopath director Renaud Gauthier came to the market with his brother, Mathieu, with a flashy presentation, Lude Behavior. This time Renaud bumps up a decade to the 80s and wants to tell the story of the drug trade of Quaaludes between Montreal and Miami. La Belle Province meets The Sunshine State. Or, as they put it, Goodfellas French Canadien Bro Style.

And one more very interesting concept is 21 Frames/Second. The premise is that the central character, Laurie, only exists if cameras are filming her every movement. It would a philosophical comedy mixing mock verite, interviews and archival footage. Michel Gondry’s name was dropped as a reference. A documentary team follows her wherever she goes. There was a story about her father filming her birth and once he turned the camera off she disappeared so everyone knew off the top that this girl was special. Yeah. It is a very interesting idea

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