Fantasia 2015: ANTISOCIAL 2 To Premiere At Festival, Check Out The New Trailer

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Fantasia 2015: ANTISOCIAL 2 To Premiere At Festival, Check Out The New Trailer
Antisocial 2, the sequel to the Canadian indie horror, will have its World Premiere at Fantasia on July 30th. Director Cody Calahan and writing partner Chad Archibald return with the next chapter in Sam's fight against the Redroom Virus. 

Antisocial cinematographer Jeff Maher also adds a writing credit to this sequel along with his help behind the camera once again. Michelle Mylett reprises her role as our heroine Sam. 

It has been several years since the events of the first film, and the Redroom Virus has won. Spawned from a mysterious social-networking website, it has infected most of the populace, turning them into mindless killers; the few survivors are divided between the uninfected and those who have been freed of the virus' influence via impromptu brain surgery. These "defects" include original heroine Sam (Michelle Mylett), who scours the countryside seeking her child, which was taken from her following its birth not long after the world fell. Her search will lead her to team up with a young girl named Bean (Josette Halpert) and then to a makeshift laboratory where a cure for the virus is being sought -- by any means necessary.

Along with today's announcement the production also release this new poster above and a new trailer which you can watch below. 
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