Interview: Jason Schwartzman And Patrick Brice Open Up On THE OVERNIGHT

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Interview: Jason Schwartzman And Patrick Brice Open Up On THE OVERNIGHT
Complete with a poster that puts the 'ass' in asterisk, the glorious advertising campaign of Patrick Brice's new sex-romp, The Overnight, is designed to let the imagination run wild. From the trailers, we learn the film basically takes place in a single location, wherein a new-to-LA couple's values are tested, or to use an appropriate modern term I'd rather not use... "californicated." The adverts are less specific about how the corruption unfolds, despite some titillating hints promising hilarity.

I sat down with writer/director Patrick Brice and the film's suave host, Jason Schwartzman, to discuss The Overnight at SXSW. Having already laughed myself giddy at the Sundance premiere, I was familiar with the film's red-light story arch. The challenge of this interview consisted of overcoming my temptation to delve into some of the film's juicy specifics and instead, discuss Brice and Schwartzman's respective feats in more general terms. So, in the spirit of the film's joy of the tease, here's hoping this interview contributes another layer of anticipation for Brice's wet hot overnight.
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