Stanley Film Fest 2015 Review: COOTIES Is Icky, Side-Splitting Fun

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Stanley Film Fest 2015 Review: COOTIES Is Icky, Side-Splitting Fun
After a taxing day of travel, my fellow festival brethen and I were already exhausted, but looking for some big flick fun. The Stanley's opening night film, Cooties sold out. Thankfully, there was a press screening and the opening night party to attend. At first, I wasn't quite sure what to make of the film; these days, a trailer isn't always a true representation of its corresponding feature.  

I didn't have to worry: Cooties. Is. Fucking. Awesome. 

Directed by Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion, co-written by Leigh Whannell (Saw, Insidious), and produced by SpectreVision, Cooties shows what happens when kids eat disease-ridden chicken nuggets at school. They turn into flesh-eating zombies (as opposed to the brain-eating kind), and attack the teachers. You can read Todd's original review here. So why are we dipping our paws back into the tainted chicken nuggets? The film has been re-edited for pacing and now has a different ending, replete with a Lionsgate-funded, action-packed finale.  

In fact, it's a return to the days of '70s and '80s cinema where there were no rules about who could die or be terribly maimed onscreen. At its most common, Cooties feels a bit like a sitcom, but one that's actually really funny. At its most exhilarating, it feels like a blend of Who Can Kill A Child? and Return of the Living Dead, an excellent blend of fast-paced hilarity and madness. 

Quote of the year? "Nap time, motherfuckers!" Want to find out why that line is so funny? Well, I'm not giving it away. Want to see a kid running away in flames? SEE IT. Want to see Jorge Gargia trip and have laugh-out-loud visions? GO. If Cooties doesn't have you laughing your ass off, you're a poor dead soul. Dead inside. Go see it on September 18th when Lionsgate releases it in theaters.
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