IT: Cary Fukunaga Is Out Of Latest Adaptation Effort

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IT: Cary Fukunaga Is Out Of Latest Adaptation Effort
The Wrap broke the news earlier today that True Detective season one director Cary Fukunaga will no longer direct the current adaptation of Stephen King's novel It. Filming was supposed to begin in three weeks. 

Citing creative difference with New Line Cinema over the scale and scope of the production the adaptation has been put on hold for now. 

The production recently changed hands from parent company Warner Bros to New Line and the new studio wished to go on with the project but with a smaller budget. In the report at The Wrap one of their sources even suggests that the studio had become gun-shy when The Poltergeist did not perform as to expectations, and that its marketing was centered around a clown as well. Which made me laugh out loud. Really hard. 

Fukunaga had big aspirations for the adaptation from the start. He wanted to film in New York; one of the most expensive states to film in, in the U.S. He also wanted to split the novel into two films, the first one about the novel's protagonists as children, and the second when they are adults confronting the shape-shifting child murderer. New Line has a lower budget threshold than it's parent company and Fukunaga's drafts were coming in with higher numbers attached to them. A report over at Deadline suggests that his latest draft had not even been approved. 

These are two things that sort of fly in the face of convention when it comes to making horror films: spending lots of money and horror films generally do not play out over two or more films. Sequels yes. On-going narratives? Nope. 

It raises the question. Is It too big for film? Fans of the novel will know better. 
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