Trailer for Joe Dante's BURYING THE EX Shuffles Its Feet

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Trailer for Joe Dante's BURYING THE EX Shuffles Its Feet
Yes, it has been six years since Joe Dante released his last feature film, The Hole; a solid, if not ecstatic film, most notable for its sophisticated and restrained use of 3D technology. 

Outside of Netflix, very few folks in Canada or the US got a chance to see The Hole due to poor distribution, so, more or less, it has been about a dozen years since Mr. Dante has had a  movie play in the multiplex (Looney Tunes: Back in Action). As much as I quite adore his Trailers from Hell website -- seriously folks, spend your time there, it's great!-- and some occasional TV work, we would really like to see a return to the greatness of his work from the late 1970s through to the early 1990s.

This first trailer, along with early word out of the Venice Film Festival, for Burying The Ax seems to indicate that is not going to be exactly the return to commercial success of Gremlins or even The 'Burbs.  Lord knows we've had enough rom-zom-coms since Edgar Wright's Shaun of the Dead.


Most Joe Dante pictures have a way of aging rather well, rewarding multiple viewings and such with a subtle density of movie references and sight gags (note image above and think of 1981's The Evil Dead poster, for instance), as indicated by the cult followings of The Howling, The 'Burbs and Gremlins 2. This is the polite way of saying that I look forward to being wrong on this, given enough time. 

The trailer, as length and plot-driven as it is, is certainly a throwback to Dante's roots of cutting hundreds of trailers for Roger Corman, albeit I do not know for sure whether or not the man cut it himself.  

Max (Anton Yelchin) is a nice guy. Evelyn (Ashley Greene) is his overbearing but incredibly beautiful girlfriend. Max knows it's time to call it quits, but there's just one problem: he's terrified of breaking up with her. Fate steps in when Evelyn is involved in a freak accident and dies. Evelyn returns in zombie form and is determined to take her boyfriend back from her nicer, cuter, possible soul-mate replacement, Olivia (Alexandra Daddario).

Burying The Ex comes to VOD (and some kind of limited theatrical release) on June 19. 
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