Pretty Packaging: SPACE DANDY Brings Artwork Rather Than Bling, Baby!

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Scottish distributor Anime Limited (a.k.a. All The Anime) was on a roll in 2014, making good on most of their promises with many spectacular announcements and releases. Pretty early on they had made it known they had secured the rights to Watanabe Shinichirô's Space Dandy, he of Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo fame.

Like Cowboy Bebop, Space Dandy is a sumptuous-looking series about a bounty hunter of sorts and his motley crew, trying and failing to make money. Unlike Cowboy Bebop, in Space Dandy the crew consists of imbeciles led by a self-absorbed buffoon who ends every sentence with "baby".

The series is an impressive catch for sure, especially for what was at the start of 2014 pretty much a fledgling company, and at the time I wondered what the final result would look like.

Well, the wondering is over: a few months ago the actual UK release of the first 13 episodes happened, with first a Limited Edition (1,500 pieces only) and a month later the regular one. Now, with the second half of the series available for pre-order, and a US release out there as well, let's check what the UK Limited Edition looks like. For it is still available, and sure is pretty, baby!

You can browse the images like a slideshow by clicking the edges, or get an enlarged version by clicking an image's center.

And here it is: a box with a wrapper. It doesn't have the giant size of the Gurren Lagann, Patema Inverted and Giovanni's Island boxes, but rather the regular Blu-ray size like Kill La Kill or Durarara.

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