John Woo Has Been Caught For A MANHUNT Remake

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johnwoo-manhunt-announce.jpg Earlier today, Media Asia Films announced they are planning a new thriller, Manhunt, which will be helmed by legendary Hong Kong director John Woo.

The film is a remake of the 1976 Japanese film by Satô Jun'ya of the same name, which starred the great Takakura Ken. Based on the novel Hot Pursuit by Nishimura Juko, the original told the story of a prosecutor who was framed for robbery and rape, and who set out on a one-man mission to unravel the truth and get his name cleared.

The Japanese Manhunt is a famous film in China, because back then it was the first foreign film allowed to be shown after the Cultural Revolution, and it became a big hit. In the announcement today, John Woo said he has always been a big fan of the original, and didn't hesitate to take on directing duties when he was offered the job.

Media Asia Films aims this to be, and I quote: " action thriller, packed with both adrenaline-cranked sequences and emotional heft." A concept poster was also released, which you can see below.

Shooting is planned to start in 2015, and with John Woo on board of an action film, we can probably take that literally!

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