Road Trip In Reverse With The Teaser For Icelandic Comedy BACK

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Road Trip In Reverse With The Teaser For Icelandic Comedy BACK
Icelandic production house Mystery Island had a bona fide international hit on their hands with their previous feature - the dark drama Metalhead - and while the tone of their latest effort could not possibly be more different I imagine that the result will be very much the same.

Gunnar Hansson and Davíd Óskar Ólafsson direct Back (Bakk) - with Hansson also starring - an odd couple road movie in which the road trip itself is every bit as odd as the couple. Because the entire thing is done with the car running in reverse.

Two childhood friends decide to drive around Iceland in reverse to raise money for a charity. Soon after their trip starts they find out that this was perhaps not the best idea in the world. Nothing goes as planned and almost everything goes wrong.
An English subtitled teaser for this one is freshly arrived on the scene and it looks pretty fantastic. Take a look below.

Teaser of the new Icelandic comedy Bakk from Davíð Óskar Ólafsson on Vimeo.

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