Check Out Phantom City Creative's Gorgeous THE VOID Poster Art

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Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie's The Void just got a whole lot prettier with this fabulous one sheet created by Justin Erickson at Phantom City Creative. Now crowdfunding support to get their creature shop up and running well in advance of production to get those old school practical SFX as plentiful and impressive as is humanly possible, this new poster art is just one of three posters releasing today - the others are by Gary Pullin and Graham Humphreys, keep an eye out for them - and all three are available as perks on the Indiegogo campaign.

Here's how it works: Just want one? You're playing poster roulette. A $120 donation will get you one of the three posters selected at random. You want all three? That'll be $300. These are strictly limited editions of 100 posters each and will never be available again.
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