Alex da la Iglesia Kicking Off MY BIG NIGHT With Segura, Silva, Casas And More!

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Alex da la Iglesia Kicking Off MY BIG NIGHT With Segura, Silva, Casas And More!
Rejoice, fans of Alex de la Iglesia, for the Spanish madman shows no signs of slowing down. The Accion Mutante director kicks off his latest production next week with a cast sure to keep fans old and new very happy.

Single named Spanish singer Raphael takes the lead role in My Big Night, playing a media hungry diva taping a New Years Eve special well in advance on a sweltering August evening. Regular collaborator Jorge Guerricaechevarria co-writes with the director while the cast includes stars Santiago Segura, Hugo Silva, Mario Casas, and Blanca Suarez.

Segura and de la Iglesia partnered often in the director's early days but have worked together far less frequently in recent years, so his presence alone is enough to grab attention. Throw in the likes of Silva and Casas and that's the best of the old and the new. We'll be keeping an eye open for news as production proceeds.
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J HurtadoFebruary 22, 2015 5:13 PM

For those who didn't know, Raphael was the singing clown in THE LAST CIRCUS fromwhose song "Balad de la Trompeta" the film took it's original Spanish title.

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