SUICIDE SQUAD Just Got Less Purdy. Tom Hardy Drops Out. (UPDATED. Sort of)

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SUICIDE SQUAD Just Got Less Purdy. Tom Hardy Drops Out. (UPDATED. Sort of)
Huh. Well this is a shame. THR's Heat Vision blog is reporting that British actor, future Mad Max, and off-and-on nemesis to the Peaky Blinders, Tom Hardy, has left the adaptation of The Suicide Squad scheduled to begin shooting here in Toronto in a couple months. 

Now who am I going to stalk while production is going on?

Reasons for his departure have not been made public. Care to hazard a guess as to why? 

Update - TheWrap gave reason as to why Mr. Hardy had to leave the project. They also made another claim about who will replace him but until that has been confirmed by the studio we will treat it as wishful thinking or hearsay. 

Hardy was forced to exit the project because Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's "The Revenant" is going over schedule into mid-March, after which Hardy will be needed to promote WB's "Mad Max: Fury Road," which comes out on May 15. "Suicide Squad" is expected to start production in April, and that time crunch is why Hardy had to drop out of the film.
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