Pretty Packaging: NEKROMANTIK (With A Major NSFW Warning...)

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(Mind, this film employs an, ehm... VERY wide definition of "pretty".)

Confession time: in the past, I never intended to even see this movie, considering it, as a friend eloquently noted, "too sick to be on my shelf". But then UK distributor Arrow gave it the ultra-celebrity treatment, and that got me interested in the set at least. In the end, I bought it because of a combination of people recommending it, and me wanting to be able to judge the film AFTER having seen it.

And because of those crazy bastards over at Arrow of course. Because this release contains a fantastic set of extras about the film and its subjects, including the soundtrack CD and a 100-page booklet. I mean, even if I'd end up hating the film (a fair chance because I sure hate its subject matter), how can I resist a 100-page booklet detailing why and how it was made?

So, while I fully recognize people's qualms with the film, and do spot the sensationalist shock angle, I cannot do anything but laud Arrow for the job they did here. Hell, I applaud them already just for running the financial risk of trying to get this passed, UNCUT, by the BBFC.

Here is a gallery detailing the packaging this title got. Click on the edge of the images to go to the next slide, or in the center to get a bigger version. And I don't really have to point out again that some of these images are most definitely 'Not Safe For Work', right?

And here it is: a stylish soft-cardboard slipcase with artwork by artist Gilles Vranckx.

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