Opening: AMERICAN SNIPER Takes Fire

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Opening: AMERICAN SNIPER Takes Fire

Director Clint Eastwood aims for stoic, heroic grandeur in American Sniper, an adaptation of a bestselling book about Chris Kyle, subtitled "The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History." Eastwood's film, however, misses the target entirely for those who do not worship at the altar of blind, nationalistic sacrifice.

In Jason Hall's screenplay, young Kyle's personality is plainly defined by his father as a sheepdog, a protector of meek, sheep-like characters such as his younger brother from predatory wolves, otherwise known as bullies.

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This is an excerpt from our original review, published in connection with the film's limited opening. You can read the entire review right here. American Sniper is now playing in select theatres; it expands wide across North America on Friday, January 16.

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