Watch: Lovecraftian Short Film ETHEREAL CHRYSALIS

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Watch: Lovecraftian Short Film ETHEREAL CHRYSALIS
The Lovecraftian inspired short film Ethereal Chrysalis by Montreal based filmmaker Syl Disjonk is now available online for everyone who needs a little something to fuel their nightmares. Ethereal Chrysalis enjoyed lengthy run on the international film festival circuit. I first saw it a couple of years ago at Morbido where Disjonk took home a Silver Sugar Skull for an Audience Award. 

Falls into a nightmare where the inter-dimensional cosmic order is consumed by dementia. Leave your mind in the ethereal labyrinth of madness where the doors of perception become the annihilation of all rational thought. Accept the call of the Ethereal Chrysalis.

There really are not any words that can accurately describe what you are about to see. Take that image above for example. That! For ten minutes! Prepare thy selves for Disjonk's nightmarish vision! 

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