Watch ETHEREAL CHRYSALIS As It Melts Your Face Off

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Watch ETHEREAL CHRYSALIS As It Melts Your Face Off
When Phil Anselmo claims "KICKS LOVECRAFTIAN/GIGER ASS!!!" of a film, it's a must-see. Not only did the Pantera/Down frontman fall in love with the film, but on further review, I found that Ethereal Chrysalis opened for Manborg at Toronto After Dark last year, and the film won the Sugar Skull audience award for best short at Morbido, among other awards. [Editor's note: And, in fact, we wrote about it last year.]

Ethereal Chrysalis features an astounding amount of special effects that will make you squirm, both practical and visual --- the artists on hand not only include director/writer/actor Syl Disjonk, but the infamous Remy Couture.

I can only imagine the horrors that HP Lovecraft conjured in his mind as he wrote his tales of the indescribable. I'm sure that Disjonk comes pretty close with ten minutes of face-ripping, mind-altering, monster-fighting madness with no dialogue. To get a taste of what I'm talking about, you'll have to watch the film, presented here below. Fans of Lovecraft as well as Robert Morgan's phantasmagorgical stories will be sure to drool some unseemly bodily fluid in response.  
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