Sono's WHY DON'T YOU PLAY IN HELL Lands A New US Trailer

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Sono's WHY DON'T YOU PLAY IN HELL Lands A New US Trailer
With its arrival on North American shores imminent a new trailer for Sono Sion's gonzo Why Don't You Play In Hell has arrived online. I literally ate my shirt at Fantastic Fest last year because of this film (and R100, it was a team effort) and the general level of insanity it inspires. Here's how the Toronto International Film Festival pitched it back in the day:

A renegade film crew known as "The Fuck Bombers"! Yakuza gangsters hell-bent on revenge! Decapitated heads! A French kiss from a mouth full of broken glass! And a catchy toothpaste commercial jingle ... ?!

Cult film director Sion Sono, known for his outlandish work including Suicide Club, Love Exposure and Cold Fish, is back with Why Don't You Play in Hell?, a wild, perverse, and bloody tale guaranteed to leave the audience slack-jawed in shock.

Hirata (Hiroki Hasegawa) dreams of being a movie director, and with his ragtag film crew, The Fuck Bombers, he intends to shoot a masterpiece. Meanwhile, a feud between yakuza clans heats up after big boss Muto's wife massacres rival boss Ikegami's gang, jeopardizing her daughter Michiko's acting career in the process. Ten years later, and days before his wife's release from jail, Muto must somehow prove to her that Michiko has become a big-screen star. And so, the ruthless criminal underground and the happy-go-lucky Fuck Bombers collide in an orgy of blood and B-roll.

Check out the new trailer below.

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