Feratum 2014 Dispatch: Tal Zimmerman And Nicolas Kleiman Talk At The WHY HORROR? World Premiere

Contributor; Mexico City, Mexico (@EricOrtizG)

Feratum hosted the world premiere of the documentary Why Horror? on Friday, October 3. Argentinean co-director Nicolas Kleiman and Canadian star Tal Zimmerman attended the screening and witnessed the very warm reception their film got with the Mexican audience. 

They also did a 20-minute Q&A afterwards, and now you can find the highlights from it in the gallery below.

The genesis of WHY HORROR?

Nicolas Kleiman (NK): I worked for a film production company and Tal (Zimmerman) is an actor. Once, Tal came to work with us and he talked about doing a documentary about Toronto's horror scene. We thought, why only Toronto if that city is very small and horror very popular? We also asked him, why do you like this? And he didn't know. That was the beginning of Why Horror?

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