Marko Zaror Kicks Ass In First Exclusive Clip From REDEEMER

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Marko Zaror Kicks Ass In First Exclusive Clip From REDEEMER
Chilean martial artist Marko Zaror will explode on screen at Fantastic Fest with the world premiere of Redeemer - his latest team up with writer director Ernesto Diaz Espinoza - tomorrow afternoon but for those who can't wait to see the Latin Dragon in action, well, you don't have to because we've got the exclusive first clip from the film for you below.

Former hitman Nicky Pardo (Zaror) has made a deal with God. Pardo will begin every day by holding a gun to his own head and pulling the trigger. And every day he does not die he will take it as a sign that he is meant to continue hunting down the men he used to work for.
A bit of grappling, a bit of gun play, a whole lot of ass (and head) kicking. Yep. That's Marko. Check it out.

[Full disclosure: I served as an executive producer on the film so, yes, I'm biased as all hell.]
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