CUBAN FURY Clips: It's A Dance-Off To The Death!

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CUBAN FURY Clips: It's A Dance-Off To The Death!
Now available to watch via various Video On Demand platforms, and coming to DVD next week (July 29), Cuban Fury stars Nick Frost in the tale of a man who learns how to dance the salsa so he can woo his new boss, Rashida Jones. 

But the two clips we have to share today do not feature Rashida Jones, who is the radiant love of my fantasies a very lovely woman. No, we have strictly manly men in these clips, specifically Nick Frost and Chris O'Dowd, the latter of whom looks to be an evil nemesis. In the first clip, O'Dowd boasts about his date with the aforementioned boss, while Frost seethes. Then, in the second clip, it looks like Mr. Frost has taken his salsa lessons to heart (and his feet), engaging with Mr. O'Dowd in a dance-off to the death. (Or, at least, some enviable gymnastic moves.) 

You can watch the clips below, and then scheme how to raise the money so you, too, can take salsa lessons to woo Rashida Jones and thrash Chris O'Dowd on the dance floor. Or, at least, rent the movie on VOD.
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