Stunt Man Takes The Lead IN THE HERO

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Stunt Man Takes The Lead IN THE HERO
Ah, the lowly suit actor ... a somewhat uniquely Japanese phenomenon, the name reserved for the action performers whose faces will never be seen on screen despite years put in making others look good. They're the guys inside the hero suits and one of them is going to get his due in Take Masaharu's In The Hero.

Karasawa Toshiaki stars as a middle ages suit actor with 25 years in the biz struggling to cope with his own middle age and the arrival of a cocky young newcomer. But the veteran gets his chance to shine when a big budget foreign production has their stunt performers quit over safety concerns and the job passes to him ...

Balancing out action and drama the trailer for In The Hero looks quite promising. And, if nothing else, it's got much loved veteran character actor Terajima Susumu tucked away in a support role and he's pretty much always worth watching. Take a look below.

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